COVID-19 Protection in Schools

With so many shared spaces in schools, keeping doors, handrails, desks and equipment safe is a new and ongoing requirement.


Staff or students being asked to quickly wipe down everything they touched can be easily forgotten, and who would know? 


How much disruption is caused by having to clean desks with a simple disinfectant, only to have to do it all again before the next class arrives.

All shared spaces and equipment needs constant cleaning in order to reduce the risk contamination.

Wouldn't it be so much safer if it only had to be cleaned ONCE! 

That is exacty why Si-Quat was created. To provide a lasting, clear barrier on surfaces which actively kills COVID-19 and keeps students, staff and schools safer.

Existing cleaning agencies can complete a daily clean with Si-Quat, and protect the surface for the whole day ahead.

If you wanted to know that Si-Quat was still working, why not include the UV additive that

allows you to see the coating under UV light, and provide reassurance as well as identifying high traffic areas.

COVID-19 has changed our world. It is not going to disappear, but with Si-Quat you can 

protect your school community, and reduce the contamination, reduce disruption to lessons, and make significant savings through needing many less applications than a more off-the-shelf disinfectant.

clean n' coat

Clean surfaces once daily using active clean n' coat  for 24 hour protection

active coat

Replace fogging and repetitive sanitation in high traffic areas to protect for up to 1,000 touches

si-quat mask

A treated mask that is self-sanitizing and kills bacteria and viruses on contact

save money

Using Si-Quat, you need to clean far less frequently, significantly cutting down on spending